Sunday, September 16, 2007

Chinese report: Internet users are unhealthy

An article in China Daily yesterday reported that over 70% of Chinese internet users are suffering from medical problems. The implication is that the internet causes the "sub-healthy state" of the users. Data is cited indicating that the average internet user spends less than 3 hours a week exercising, and gets less than 8 hours a day of sleep. And somehow, it makes for interesting news to report the fact that half of internet users in China get stomach aches from time to time. Now, is it likely to be the internet causing that, or the contaminated food we are eating? After describing all the ill effects of the internet, the report closes with one line stating that a survey of all Beijingers (presumably including non-internet users) shows that the occurrence of "sub-healthy" individuals is above 75%. So maybe the internet is making people healthier?

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Hmm..... said...

is this the foundation for further restrictions on the internet?