Friday, February 23, 2007

Curiously Missing #2

Before coming to China, I was warned that deodorant would be difficult to find. I agree with that and would like to add additional emphasis. It is not just hard to find, but nearly impossible. I have been able to find almost everything (and every major brand) I need at some point. I have only seen one brand of deodorant (Addidas) at Carrefour and the big Watsons drugstore down the street. Chinese people don’t use deodorant. Trust me; I’ve looked at the market for a consumer goods company that sells deodorant. Informal polls indicate that Chinese people (even Westernized ones that lived or grew up in the States) don’t think they need it. That’s not to say that Chinese people don’t smell. It's just that they feel that the concept of rubbing a stick underneath their armpits won’t help their odor.


Phyllis said...

According to Nancy (as I am reading this at her house), it is also hard to find tampons! What's that about? Do they not like their HBA products?

Anonymous said...

I case you were wondering, you definitely need deodorant.

Dave A said...

that is disgusting. how crowded is the city in places like subways, buses, etc? Thick crowds and BO are a deadly mix.