Sunday, February 11, 2007

Where did all the double-paned windows go?

I read that there’s been a cold snap on the East Coast in the US. Here in Shanghai, it’s nearing the upper 50’s (13 degrees C). During the evenings though, it still dips into the 20’s, making my apartment incredibly cold. It gets cold very quickly because unlike in the US, very few windows are double-paned. I don’t know how people survived without a thin layer of argon gas sandwiched between two hermetically sealed sheets of glass. I remember learning in middle school that glass is a good insulator, but surely they weren’t talking about heat, because as soon as it gets cold outside, my apartment gets cold. I have heard of ex-pats here selecting apartment buildings based on the presence of double-paned windows. Too bad I didn’t learn of that until I arrived.

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