Saturday, November 17, 2007

Best xiao long bao in Shanghai

As a new member of the Facebook group: "I love Din Tai Fung", I feel obligated to point to an article in the International Herald Tribune about the search for the perfect soup buns in Shanghai. I have written about Din Tai Feng (the spelling of the restaurant name differs between Taiwan and mainland China) before, so I'll just quote the Shanghaiist on the article findings:
The International Herald Tribune has now gotten into the game of finding the best xiao long bao in Shanghai. Others have been down this road before, but does the prestige of the IHT unveil anything new? Nope, Din Tai Fung it is. When does this stop being a question that still needs to be answered? Yes, the restaurant got its start in Taiwan, and yes, it doesn't meet that food traveler qualification of being off the beaten path and cheap as hell. Let's live with the fact that the best xiao long bao in town does indeed reside inside a fashion mall at the tail end of touristy Xintiandi.

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