Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sampling of food pictures

Here are a few shots of what Katie and I ate during her trip (in ascending order of price):

Fried soup buns -- Katie's favorite Shanghai treat (3 RMB for 4)
I don't remember what this cilantro-greens-tofu chopped salad is called - but it's delicious. Courtesy of Ding Tai Feng (20 RMB)
Pork floss waffle. Weird combination that was overpriced due to its airport location (60 RMB)
Beggars chicken from the famous Hangzhou restaurant Louwailou, where my grandparents honeymooned many years ago (158 RMB for one chicken -- What beggar can afford that?)
Dinner at Shanghai's opulent Whampoa Club (688 RMB for 5 courses and wine)